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Warm A Heart Food Drive Success!

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Our 4th annual Warm A Heart food drive collected a combined total of 3,154 items! I cannot thank our families and local business enough. This means so much for Warm A Heart and their continued service to the community.

The business in Waterloo that participated included R.P. Wakefield, Charleston Metal, Covington Box and Nucor. Waterloo's combined total was 989 items!

Miss Myers class collected the most items at their school and won the cookies and milk party.

The business in Ashley that participated included Klink Trucking and Ashley Transport. Country Meadow's combined total was 2,165 items! Winning the competition between the schools.

Mrs. McBride's class won the cookies and milk party at their school.

We will continue this tradition. Country Meadow will hold the trophy for the upcoming year. Next November/December the challenge has been set! Hawks VS Wildcats will continue!

McKenney-Harrison Elementary Virtual Tour!

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McKenney-Harrison Elementary Virtual Tour!

Author Paul Orshoski Visits McKenney-Harrison!

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Author, Paul Orshoski, visited McKenney-Harrison Elementary & gave each student one of his books as they left his presentation!

Thought Exchange Update!

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Dear Parents, Staff and Community Members, 

This Fall, we invited our school communities to share their thoughts about our schools and our goals to work hard to get our students Future Ready. We then invited our community to review and prioritize the thoughts of others by placing stars next to the ideas that were most important to them. Our goal was to get a sense of shared values and priorities from our schools and community. 

We're excited to report that we had over 600 individuals respond. Participants shared 1088 thoughts and assigned 37,463​ stars to their top priorities from across the District. We are continuing to review the wealth of information we received and look forward to sharing the results with our stakeholders in early January. 

Sherry L Grate, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Excellence, Everyone, Everyday!!! 

Crops Judging!

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On Monday, November 16th DeKalb FFA members competed in the area crops contest. The crops team of LeAnna Shearer, Brooke Evans and John Gurtner placed second. Kendall Gilbert, Jared Black and Matthew Fifer placed fourth place as a team. Montana Kummer, Kylee Stout and Lucas Pomeroy placed fifth as a team. LeAnna Shearer placed second overall individual. All crops participants advanced to state. The State contest will be held at Purdue University on December 12, 2015.


Front Row (L to R): LeAnna Shearer, Brooke Evans, Matthew Fifer

Back Row (L to R): Jared Black, Montana Kummer, Kendall Gilbert, Kylee Stout, John Gurtner, Lucas Pomeroy

FoodChem Create New Recipes!

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Four exciting guests visited our FoodChem class today to taste test the students' vinaigrette salad dressing recipes.  State Representative Ben Smaltz, Natalie DeWitt-Taylor, Lori Berndt of the Olive Twist, and Jeremiah of Brewed Awakenings were all here judging and tasting the new recipes.Thank you for being a part of this project!

We would also like to extend a special thank you to Natalie DeWitt-Taylor for her part in helping to make this project possible!  

Veteran Issues Challenge to Step Up!

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Lt. Col. Dawn Rice told DeKalb High School students Wednesday that the military always will need people to step up and join to help keep the country safe. But she cautioned anyone considering enlisting to know what comes with the job.

“Some people don’t understand how much people (in the service) give up,” Rice said. “Once you sign up, we need you.”

Rice was the keynote speaker for a Veterans Day assembly at the high school. She spoke in front of the student body and a group of a dozen military veterans.

An Honor Guard from American Legion Post 97 posted colors to open the ceremony. The DeKalb Classic Connection choir sang the national anthem and DeKalb Student Body President Kierston Snyder led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Social Studies teacher Andy Comfort introduced Rice before she spoke. Rice grew up in Celina, Ohio, and joined the Air Force when she was 17. She served eight years as a medic and computer systems operator. She then left the military but returned after 20 years, serving as a flight nurse. She was deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan, and to Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait, where she served as chief flight nurse. She also worked as a trauma nurse at DeKalb Health hospital in Auburn and Parkview Trauma Center in Fort Wayne.

Rice thanked the other veterans who were guests at the assembly. The group included Army, Navy and Air Force veterans who served in Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Afghanistan.

Rice said she made the decision to enlist in the Air Force because it would be a way for her to learn a trade after high school. She said she didn’t see a future for herself in college or in Celina at that time. And she knew that by joining the military she would have an everlasting bond with her fellow service members.

“Military provides a brotherhood for life,” Rice said.

When she joined the service, there were no wars taking place, she said. But seeing the violence in Afghanistan gave her motivation to return to the Air Force after a 20-year absence.

“We live in a different world now,” Rice said.

When she returned to the service, her daughter was 14, Rice said. The decision to go overseas was difficult because it would affect her daughter, Rice said. Now, with two children and four grandchildren, it’s hard to be committed to service duties because she misses important family events from time to time, Rice said. But when that happens, it’s important for her to consider the bigger picture, she said.

“We don’t want to deploy and leave our families, but we want a safe world for our families,” Rice said. “So someone has to step up and do it. The big benefit you get from the military is learning to be selfless. … Service is about others, not yourself.”

The assembly wrapped up with a recognition of the veterans in attendance and a performance of “Taps” by DeKalb High School trumpeters John Good and Lake Osbun.

DeKalb High School is still in the process of collecting data for a Military Honor Wall, which will recognize DeKalb graduates who have served in the military, Media Integration Specialist Lisa Conrad said. Any graduate who has served is encouraged to submit information in order to be included on the wall. Anyone interested can contact Conrad at or submit information via a data collection survey at

Article and Photo from The Star

Written by Jacob Klopfenstein

Speaker, Group Aim to "Break the Grey"!

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Middle and high school students from DeKalb Central schools gathered Thursday for an assembly put on by Break the Grey in the Dekalb High School gymnasium.

Motivational speaker Bill Ballinger of Franklin spoke to students about the harmful effects of drugs and making positive life choices, while the ensemble of college interns from Break the Grey performed skits on self-harm, bullying, inner beauty and suicide awareness.

The group’s current tour, “Scream If You Want To,” continues to travel to schools across Indiana and Ohio up until the new year.

Break the Grey, based in Fort Wayne, tours elementary, middle and high schools across the United States and Canada. The vision of Break the Grey is to help students realize the untapped potential they have to impact their generation.

“The name Break the Grey is referring to an area of no absolutes and no moral compass. We like to say we’re going after the mediocre, grey area to challenge students to stand up against what’s wrong,” Ballinger said. “These students have the power to stand up and change their school environment to help the young women and men who are self-harming and stop the use of drugs.”

Ballinger started traveling and speaking in churches and prisons in the late ’90s, but the group Break the Grey got its start in 2005.

Ballinger spoke to the students with an emphasis on drugs and self-harm. Speaking of personal experiences from being bullied heavily in school and as a drug dealer who went to jail for several years, Ballinger urged students to live up to their fullest potential.

The program is meant to engage the audience. After asking the crowd of students in they knew of someone who had lost their life under the age of 20 due to drug use, about half the assembly stood, and Ballinger led the students in a moment of silence.

The tone and energy of the group noticeably changed as Ballinger spoke with honesty and conviction. In the end, students lined up to speak to members of the group as well as Ballinger.

After the assembly was over, performers invited students to reach out via social media to provide a safe, open forum to share their experience and thoughts.

“We’ll get flooded on social media after a performance,” said Ballinger. “Every one of the student interns who work for Break the Grey goes through training for mentoring and regulating messages on social media.

“We also have an upper-management department who also monitors the social media platforms to make sure the group is doing a good job responding. In the past, after hearing from students, we’ve been able to help teens who were going to commit suicide, and we’ve also reported cases of abuse.

“The point is to have an impact on students after the assembly,” he said. “At the end of these assemblies, I want a wake-up to happen.”

Ballinger said, “We have a vision for 25 teams nationwide. You hear about tragic stories every day, and it’s rampant in our country. Just yesterday, there was a 17-year-old student who committed suicide at Shenandoah High School.

“We performed at Eastside High School yesterday, and I spoke on bullying and suicide a lot, and I made the statement, ‘Don’t you dare die and check out like that,’ and then after the presentation, sure enough, we got a message from a girl who said she was contemplating suicide,” said Ballinger.

Describing how it makes him feel to be a part of a program helping students, Ballinger said, “It makes me feel really good. I’m loving the opportunity.”

Article and Photo from The Star

Written by Mariah Miller 

Brooke-destinee Lockwood Placed First in the Nation!

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A huge congratulations to Brooke-destinee Lockwood for placing first in the nation in the Agriculture Power Systems Agriscience area!!! 

DeKalb Central Week in Review - October 26 - October 31, 2015!

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DeKalb Central Week in Review 
October 26 - October 31, 2015!

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