DeKalb Band Members Win State Awards

posted Mar 3, 2014, 12:50 PM by webmaster district   [ updated Mar 3, 2014, 12:51 PM ]

WATERLOO — DeKalb High School and DeKalb Middle School band members won awards at the Indiana State School Music Association State Solo and Ensemble contest on Saturday in Indianapolis.

Solo results:

Gold: flute — Mallorie McCoy, Hannah Johnston; soprano saxophone — Mary Burris; trumpet — Adam Heller; french horn — Maddie Hanes; trombone –Jacob Burris; marimba — Megan Stonestreet; snare drum — JT Foley, Lucas Straw, Dominick Rainelli.

Silver: flute — Jessica Dye; clarinet — Trisha Lee; alto saxophone — Mariah Escamilla, Jacob Bainbridge; trumpet — Jacob Good; trombone — Logan Gensic.

Ensemble results

Gold: flute trio — Jessica Dye, Kelsey Aldrich, Mallorie McCoy; clarinet trio — Jerrica Hidy, Brandon Bishop, Trisha Lee; large woodwind ensemble — Jessica Dye, Mallorie McCoy, Kelsey Aldrich, Brandon Bishop, Trisha Lee, Ericka Poling, Jordan McDaniel, Julio Padilla, Rachael Finchum, Alexis Darling, Dilan Frain, Reena Ramos.

Silver: flute trio — Olivia Marsh, Molly Stoy, Abigail Lynch; flute quartet — Hannah Walls, Jessica Dye, Hannah Johnston, Mallorie McCoy; saxophone quartet — Brycen Spangler, Jordan McDaniel, Julio Padilla, Rachael Finchum.

Article from The Star on Monday, March 3, 2014