DeKalb Speakers Place Third at Elkhart Meet

posted Nov 25, 2013, 8:12 AM by webmaster district   [ updated Nov 25, 2013, 8:14 AM ]


ELKHART — The DeKalb High School Speech Team placed third at the Elkhart Central High School “Talk Turkey” Invitational on Saturday. 

Eleven schools with more than 160 students competed. Valparaiso won the meet, followed by Elkhart Memorial, DeKalb, Concord and Highland in the top five sports. 

DeKalb coach Andy Comfort called the results encouraging.

“We went up against some larger schools including Valpo, Penn and both Elkhart high schools. Our speakers did great — matched their third-place outing two weeks ago at the South Side Invitational,” Comfort said.

”I was pleased with first-time DeKalb competitors Abby Bainbridge (second in original performance) and Annie Ebert (third in original oratory). Great improvements from Hope Kelham, who advanced to varsity broadcasting and held her own with seasoned veterans, Dani Esterline, who placed higher than her last outing in both extemporaneous and impromptu speaking, and Sam Comfort, who switched from international extemporaneous to domestic extemporaneous and improved to a third-place finish.

”Finally, kudos to Vince Rainelli who placed first the last two meets in dramatic interpretation with a compelling interpretation of ‘The Crucible,’ by Arthur Miller. All DeKalb speakers placed in their events for the second straight competition and showed strong individual efforts to help the team place third overall.”

DeKalb competes next at the Northrop Invitational on Saturday, Dec. 7.

Individual results from Saturday’s meet at Elkhart:

• first place — Vince Rainelli, novice drama;

• second — Codey Albers, varsity broadcasting; Danie Esterline, varsity U.S. extemp; Megan Smaltz, novice original oratory;

• third — Hope Kelham, varsity broadcasting; Sam Comfort, U.S. extemp; Annie Ebert, novice original oratory; Abby Bainbridge, novice original performance;

• fourth — Cameron Stokes, U.S. extemp; Alison Kennedy, novice original oratory;

• fifth — Tristan Friedal, varsity original performance; Shelby Mumford, U.S. extemp; Megan Smaltz, novice impromptu; Clay Travis, novice international extemp;

• sixth — Jasper Basset, novice international extemp; Dallas Krinop, novice prose;

• seventh — Dani Esterline, varsity impromptu; Shayna Burrage, novice prose.

Article from The Star on Monday, November 25, 2013