Leadership Day

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Country Meadow Elementary School fourth-grader Carlie Taylor describes her data notebook that tracks her progress and learning to Holly Wright of J.E. Ober Elementary School in Garrett and Steve Teders, principal of J.R. Watson Elementary School in Auburn, during The Leader in Me Leadership Day Friday at Country Meadow.

ASHLEY — Country Meadow Elementary School students led the way Friday as the school hosted The Leader in Me Leadership Day.

The Leader in Me is a school transformation process based on Franklin Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” It integrates principles of leadership and effectiveness into school curriculum.

Friday, the school welcomed more than 50 educators and business leaders from across Indiana and nearby areas of Ohio and Michigan to show how the process has made leaders out of its students.

Students greeted and registered those attending and welcomed them with an opening assembly. The students wore T-shirts with the message,“You are following a Country Meadow leader” printed on the back.

Students explained how they took on leadership roles in the classroom.

“I take responsibility by setting a good example in class. You are showing others the right way instead of the wrong way,” a fifth-grader told the crowd of adults.

Another student said her leadership responsibility is helping younger students with reading and writing.

Throughout the school, displays were set up showing visitors and reminding students and staff of how to be leaders by carrying out tasks such as cleaning up in the classroom, turning off computers, assisting others and working together.

Students also described their data notebooks in which they track their individual growth and set personal learning goals.

Principal Caleb Miner said The Leader in Me allows students to take ownership and take charge. He said students and staff have welcomed the process enthusiastically since it was launched at the school this year. Staff members will undergo more training this summer to further develop the program. School officials ultimately hope to achieve The Leader In Me Lighthouse Certification.

Article from The Star on Saturday, November 23, 2013 -- BY KATHRYN BASSETT