Mrs. Beck and Spike are in China

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Mrs. Beck, McKenney-Harrison's school counselor, is visiting our sister school in China! She is working in a middle school and teaching 7th and 8th graders about America and our culture.

Also, accompanying Mrs. Beck on her journey is Spike the bulldog, the school mascot!  

Spike, Nicy and Mrs. Chen celebrate Mrs. Beck's birthday.  Happy birthday, Mrs. Beck!

       Spike and first graders          First grade English class    Elementary Astronomy classroom                                                   learning animal names
             in the science & art wing

Spike is ready to climb the Linhaijiang South Great Wall           Happy Halloween!

               8th grade students in my classroom               Art Class Paper Cutting                          
                        Paper Cutting                      
Students found eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny                 
Mr. Chen helps Spike wave the Chinese flag             Spike has many new friends at
                                                                                          Baiyun Middle School

            Spike with the Chinese                                      7th Grade Class
          7th grade Basketball team                            
   Thanksgiving Holiday Lesson with 7th Grade          Mrs. Beck's Calligraphy lesson
                                                                  with Mr. Lu, Art Teacher

           New friends and homemade noodles                      Spike helps with chores
        Mrs. Chen made noodles for dinner in my kitchen.  
                   Beibei and Penny joined the fun!