Wall of Honor Recognizes Top DeKalb High School Students

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DeKalb High School students check their academic progress on the Going Green Wall. Charts list information including the students’ grade averages, credits they have accumulated and whether they have passed required end-of-course assessments. Areas that are satisfactory or meet requirements are colored green.

WATERLOO — DeKalb High School is celebrating and acknowledging high achievement with a new Baron Wall of Honor.

The wall displays the names and pictures of the top 10 students in each grade level, based on the students’ grade-point averages. The display will be updated at the end of each semester when grades have been calculated.

Steel Dynamics Inc. donated more than $10,000 to make the Wall of Honor a reality, said Rebecca Pfeffer, the school’s community connections specialist and high-ability coordinator.

The wall is in the hallway by door 25, where students enter the school each morning and where the public enters the school for athletic events, musicals and concerts, Pfeffer said.

The school is in the process of naming its hallways with words that represent qualities expected of students. The hallway housing the Wall of Honor will be known as Ambition Avenue, Pfeffer said.

Other names selected by student groups for the hallways include Dream Street, Sportsmanship Street, Honesty Highway, Respect Lane, Responsibility Road, Integrity Avenue and Honor Plaza. The school is working with a vendor to develop identifying signs that will be hung in the hallways.

Students also can keep track of their achievements on a recently installed Going Green Wall.

“We are going green academically,” Pfeffer said.

All students are listed by identification number and divided into grade levels. Charts list information including the students’ grade averages, credits they have accumulated and whether they have passed required end-of-course assessments.

If all areas are green, “it shows you are where you need to be,” Pfeffer said. An area marked in yellow serves as a warning to students that the area needs attention. Areas in red tell students they need to obtain help, Pfeffer explained.

The Going Green Wall is installed in the hallway by the guidance office.

“Sometimes it takes a visual to get students to really understand. It’s a reminder every day,” said Pfeffer. “I think it’s a wonderful thing, and it’s more green than anything else, which is a good thing.”

Students currently recognized on the Wall of Honor are:

• Freshmen — Aspen Bell, Hannah Johnston, Nicholas Dye, Madison Miazgowicz, Kaitlyn Rieke, Andrew Hartman, Mikalyn Doty, MacKenzie Emch, Jack Beakas, Erin Sukala and Elias Travis;

• Sophomores — Caroline Harlow, Abigail Brown, Taytum Knox, Trisha Lee, Taylor Doehrman, Leah Hefty, Michael Cupka, Sara Edmonds, Sarah Johnson and Nicholas Buttermore;

• Juniors — Christa Voirol, Clayton Travis, Jessica Dye, Samuel Griffin, Katherine Moreland, Ashlyn Teders, Madison Fifer, Nichole Gillespie, McKenna Clifford and Dallas Krinop; and

• Seniors — Sean Mentzer, William Pierce, Sydney Weghorst, Shayne Burrage, Kipton Hall, Madison Fox, Sage Mentzer, Brianne Beer, Xena Williams and Katherine Hamlin.

Article from The Star on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - By KATHRYN BASSETT