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posted Oct 23, 2013, 1:34 PM by webmaster district   [ updated Oct 23, 2013, 1:35 PM ]

Dear Superintendent Grate,

We understand the importance of measuring student growth and, ultimately, demonstrating students are ready to transition successfully after high school graduation.  We are pleased to share recently released College Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA) data for New Tech Network students. The CWRA is one of the key tools New Tech uses to measure student progress and evidence of deeper learning.  The 2013 findings show tremendous student growth from freshman to senior years, helping to affirm the positive impact teaching and learning is having in New Tech schools.

For the third year in a row, New Tech students are showing similar positive performance measures with regard to college and career readiness. NTN uses the CWRA to assess 10% of Network schools that represent the diversity of communities and students served. Results show that New Tech schools in rural, suburban, urban areas, as well as mid-size towns across the country, are closing the gap in higher order thinking skills that often exist among students who come from different socio-economic backgrounds. I've attached details in the NTN CWRA summary.

The three key take-aways:

· NTN seniors outperform 68% of college freshmen with similar backgrounds and abilities

· Students in NTN schools grow by 77% more compared to students in other schools using the CWRA. The CWRA gauges student growth and attainment of skills such as analytical reasoning and evaluation, writing effectiveness, writing mechanics and problem solving.

· Students in NTN schools are closing the gap in higher order thinking skills

Here are links to:

· NTN CWRA Explained:  College Work Readiness Assessment 2013 Results

· Press coverage:

We value our working relationship with your district and have tremendous respect for the hard work and dedication by your staff. We know that while these are encouraging findings, we aspire for more growth so that every student graduates prepared for success in college, career and civic life.