Innovation Coach Map

Innovation Coach Job Description

The Innovation Coach promotes integration of 21st Century skills throughout the curriculum at all grade levels and subject areas.  Their role is to support innovative classroom instructional practices through the implementation of educational technology skills and quality learning practices for staff and students.

Job Description

  • Demonstrates exemplary classroom practice and possesses a deep understanding of technology integration and quality learning principles

  • Implements strong leadership and collaboration skills through coaching techniques

  • Demonstrates the qualities of a skilled listener, relationship builder, and critical thinker

  • Provides instructional strategies and resources consistent with current research and best practices and district initiatives

  • Mediates teacher thinking and reflection for self-directed learning as well as personal and professional growth

  • Demonstrates passion for working with adult learners

  • Seeks out opportunities to collaborate and coordinate work with all staff members

  • Advocates for changes guided by data and leverages resources to support continuous improvement across the district

  • Goes above and beyond in dedicating time towards achievement of the district's vision

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Serves as a role model for staff in using innovative classroom instructional practices.

  • Plans, organizes, and implements a continuum of professional learning opportunities for all staff members.

  • Applies extensive knowledge of coaching skills and strategies in working with staff.

  • Seeks and shares newly learned professional knowledge and practices with others.

  • Coordinates and supports the RTI process to enhance student learning

  • Models the effective use of new and emerging technologies

  • Structures coaching opportunities around the district's and/or schools' instructional goals

  • Models lifelong learning through actively pursuing personal and professional growth opportunities.

  • Promotes and fosters an innovative image of the district

  • Advocates a culture of risk-taking and change to achieve excellence

  • Uses quality learning practices and/or tools to enhance instructional impact and organizational effectiveness