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DeKalb High School

The objective of learning at DHS is to provide each student with choices for pursuing academic success. DHS Learning Environment Options To achieve these goals, the DHS Guidance Department provides an array of services to help students with academic planning, career counseling, and career readiness. Students choose from three types of learning environments within DHS based on their preferred learning style and career aspirations:

  • DHS Traditional &/or Vocational
  • DeKalb New Tech &/or Vocational
  • DeKalb Choice Academy


Choose Your Diploma - Students have a choice to pursue one of three diploma types regardless of which school they choose:

  • CORE 40,
  • CORE 40 with Academic Honors, or
  • CORE 40 with Technical Honors.


Specialized Classes Students can elect to take specialized classes in pursuit of their diploma:

  • 11 Advanced Placement Courses,
  • 14 Dual Credit Courses, and
  • 14 Vocational (IMPACT) Courses. Six Fields of Study Students have the option of pursuing one of six fields of study:
    • Environmental and Agriculture Systems,
    • Communication and Information Systems,
    • Industrial, Manufacturing, and Engineering Systems,
    • Health Sciences,
    • Human Services and Resources, and
    • Business, Marketing, and Management.

Sixteen Learning Pathways These six fields of study are further divided into 16 clusters that lead to multiple career pathways for students. These pathways include:

  • Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources,
  • Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications,
  • Information Technology,
  • Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics,
  • Architecture and Construction,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,
  • Health Sciences,
  • Law, Public Safety, and Security,
  • Government and Public Administration,
  • Human Services,
  • Education and Training,
  • Marketing,
  • Business Management and Administration,
  • Hospitality and Tourism, and
  • Finance.