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Vision, Mission, and Motto

Our Vision:
Preparing students today for the world of tomorrow. 

Our Mission:
The mission of DeKalb Central Schools is to develop students as critical thinkers, communicators, and 
collaborators who can adapt and persevere with empathy and integrity in an ever-changing world. 
Our Motto:

Our Priority Areas:
  • Student Success
    • Challenge and engage learners to build on their strengths, passions, and interests.
    • Maximize learning and ensure high student achievement by implementing a relevant and rigorous curriculum.
    • Prepare students for post-secondary education/opportunities, career success, and productive community life.
    • Inspire personal growth and development of the total student.
    • Expect relevant, engaged self-directed learning.
  • Positive Culture & Environment
    • Be responsive to student social, emotional, academic, and health needs
    • Maintain a consistent, appropriate, and effective code of conduct
    • Provide safe and well-maintained facilities that are inviting
    • Provide a safe, engaging, and positive environment for students and staff based on trust, respect, and responsibility.
  • Community & District Alliance
    • Encourage and consider innovative ideas by communication and collaboration between the district and community stakeholders
    • Maximize community resources to empower students and staff
    • Promote School pride throughout the community
  • Intentional Innovation
    • Engage in purposeful innovation through data-driven decision making
    • Commit to professional learning and systems effectiveness
    • Create a culture that empowers leaders that are willing to take risks that will promote positive, sustained change.
  • Talent Management
    • Attract and recruit highly skilled and talented personnel.
    • Retain high-performing personnel.
    • Maximize leadership and growth opportunities for all personnel.
Our Core Values:
  • Stakeholder
  • Engagement
  • High Expectations
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Accountability
  • Evidence-Based Decision-Making
  • Shared Leadership
  • Social Responsibility      
Our Dashboard of Success Metrics:
  • Increase the % of students passing Math ISTEP.
  • Increase the % of students passing ELA ISTEP.
  • Increase the % passing Sophomore Cohort ECA Math.
  • Increase the % passing Sophomore Cohort ECA LA.
  • Increase the # of students taking dual credit and AP classes.
  • Increase the % of students graduating from high school.
  • Increase the # of all stakeholders who feel the building environment is
    safe, engaging, positive and continuously growing as a learning place.
  • Increase the # of avenues supporting a channel of communication between
    district and community stakeholders.
  • Increase in the # of students and staff who engage with developed
    community resources.
  • Increase the # of qualified applicants that apply for employment within
    our district.
  • Increase the # of employees identified as high performing
    on performance appraisals.