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Vision, Mission, and Motto

Our Vision:
DeKalb County Central United Schools will be Indiana’s highest performing school district.

Our Mission:
The Mission of DeKalb County Central United Schools is to develop socially responsible students who are literate, academically successful, engaged in all aspects of their education, and prepared for success in the 21st Century.
Our Motto:

Our Priority Areas:
  • Student Success
    • Challenge and engage learners to build on their strengths, passions, and interests.
    • Maximize learning and ensure high Student achievement by implementing a relevant and rigorous curriculum.
    • Prepare students for post-secondary education/opportunities, career success and productive community life.
    • Inspire personal growth and development of the total student.
    • Expect relevant, engaged self-directed learning.
  • Positive Culture & Environment
    • Be responsive to student social, emotional, academic and health needs
    • Maintain a consistent, appropriate and effective code of conduct
    • Provide safe and well-maintained facilities that are inviting
    • Provide a safe, engaging and positive environment for students and staff based on trust, respect, and responsibility.
  • Community & District Alliance
    • Encourage and consider innovative ideas by communication and collaboration between the district and community stakeholders
    • Maximize community resources to empower students and staff
    • Promote School pride throughout the community
  • Intentional Innovation
    • Engage in purposeful innovation through data-driven decision making
    • Commit to professional learning and systems effectiveness
    • Create a culture that empowers leaders that are willing to take risks that will promote positive, sustained change.
  • Talent Management
    • Attract and recruit highly skilled and talented personnel.
    • Retain high performing personnel.
    • Maximize leadership and growth opportunities for all personnel.
Our Core Values:
  • Stakeholder
  • Engagement
  • High Expectations
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Accountability
  • Evidence-Based Decision-Making
  • Shared Leadership
  • Social Responsibility      
Our Dashboard of Success Metrics:
  • Increase the % of students passing Math ISTEP.
  • Increase the % of students passing ELA ISTEP.
  • Increase the % passing Sophomore Cohort ECA Math.
  • Increase the % passing Sophomore Cohort ECA LA.
  • Increase the # of students taking dual credit and AP classes.
  • Increase the % of students graduating from high school.
  • Increase the # of all stakeholders who feel the building environment is
    safe, engaging, positive and continuously growing as a learning place.
  • Increase the # of avenues supporting a channel of communication between
    district and community stakeholders.
  • Increase in the # of students and staff who engage with developed
    community resources.
  • Increase the # of qualified applicants that apply for employment within
    our district.
  • Increase the # of employees identified as high performing
    on performance appraisals.