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Preschool Enrollment Guidelines

DeKalb Early Learning Center Enrollment Guidelines

  • Children must be 4 years of age on or before  August 1. If a child is 5 by August 1, they will attend Kindergarten.

  • Students must be DeKalb Central students unless specifically approved by the Superintendent.  A formal letter must be written to the superintendent requesting an out-of-district transfer.

  • Factors to be considered for out of district transfers include but are not limited to:
    • Enrollment space
    • Siblings who currently attend DeKalb Central elementary, middle, or high school
    • Transportation

  • Children must be able to independently take care of their restroom needs.

  • Students who turn 4 after August 1st may be considered for enrollment after their birth date if there is a spot available within our pre-K program.

  • DeKalb Central Early Learning Center will not take any further enrollments after the 1st semester.

  • Current fees are determined based on family income and a sliding tuition scale determined by the District.  The top of the scale is $13 per day or $65 per week which includes transportation, snack, and lunch.