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Elementary School Curriculum Design For Student Success

DeKalb County Central United School District is proud of its heritage of academic excellence - and it all begins in elementary school.  Students in our District have an option to enroll in one of four outstanding elementary schools, where teachers and staff take grade care to ensure that each student learns through a consistent curriculum designed to cover four elements of education - reading, writing, math, and science.  
  • Each school has the same goal in mind for each student’s development: Develop skills, attitudes, and values essential to personal development, and necessary for living in and contributing in an ever-changing society,
  • Exposure to knowledge and learning experiences to increase student’s awareness of changes in society, along with an interest in their community, and to instill a desire to learn,
  • Promote experiences which develop an orientation to the world of work, and prepare each learner to strive for
    success, and
  • Discover and enhance the different aptitudes, interests, and learning styles of each student in order to equip them with
    the skills that will serve them to function as productive citizens in the future.
  • Teachers and staff in each of our elementary schools understand that students thrive on curriculum that they can relate to. Through one-on-one interaction, and student data books, our staff has proven that through continuous exposure to a well-rounded
    curriculum, students learn essential knowledge, skills, and values that put them on track for success for the remainder of
    their educational years.
  • Each of our elementary schools uses a consistent curriculum in everyday teaching; however, each school expands on this
    through a unique focus.

The DeKalb Barons Campus

The DeKalb Barons Campus serves as a hub for educational excellence with an outstanding infrastructure, and advanced technology, designed to prepare students for success in the 21st Century. With a combined enrollment of more than 2,000 students, DeKalb Middle School (DMS) and DeKalb High School (DHS) share a proud history of excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts. Both schools are ideally situated for DMS students to take advanced classes at DHS. Instructors also teach advanced classes at DMS for early high school credits.

The Barons Campus is also comprised of athletic fields and facilities for 14 organized athletic teams, the Transportation Department, the IT Department, and the District’s Central Office – The Dr. Lida Leasure Center for Educational Excellence.