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PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

How to create your Parent Portal Account:

2) Click the Create Account tab, then the Create Account button.

3) Enter the parent / guardian account information.
4) Link your student to your account using their Access ID and Password. If you are enrolling a new student, this information will be sent to the email address you used to enroll your student once they are approved.
If you do not know your student's Access ID and Password or did not receive an email, you can contact your school for this information.
DeKalb High School - 260-920-1012
DeKalb Middle School -  260-920-1013
James R Watson Elem. - 260-920-1014
McKenney-Harrison Elem. - 260-920-1015
Waterloo Elem. - 260-920-1016
Country Meadow Elem.- 260-920-1017
When enrolling multiple students, each student will have their own Access ID and Password.
5) Take note of the Username and Password that you just created, because you will need them to log in to the PowerSchool portal once you click on "Enter" at the bottom of the page.
**We strongly recommend that you keep your parent/guardian password private **