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Chromebook Buyout Information

Why are these devices being offered to parents?


As you may know, the district’s electronic devices have a limited lifespan or life cycle. This does not mean that the device is no longer useable, but rather it is no longer financially reasonable to continue supporting these devices due to the cost of support and repairs. When school devices reach the end of their life cycle, districts often offer them to electronics recyclers or resellers in an attempt to reclaim any remaining value the devices may have.

We feel there is a better option that benefits our community. Instead, we wanted to take the opportunity to offer them to the parents who have invested their hard-earned money into these devices.


Who is eligible to keep their device?


Students in 8th and 12th Grade. Chromebooks reach the end of their life cycle at the end of 8th and 12th grade, so these students are the only ones who are offered this option. In order to be eligible to keep the device, all technology fees for that device must be paid in full (4 years). Prior to the end of the school year, the district will communicate the remaining balance for each student so parents have an opportunity to decide whether or not to keep the device.


What’s the process to keep the Chromebook?


At the end of the school year, we will provide parents of 8th and 12th-grade students an election form that must be signed and returned. This form is an acknowledgment that the district will no longer be responsible for the device if you decide to keep it for personal use.

After the last day of school, you will want to “Powerwash” the Chromebook to reset the device and remove any restrictions on the device. Click the link below for a copy of those instructions, STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS TO POWERWASH A CHROMEBOOK


If I keep this device, can we use it next year instead of paying for a different device?


No. Unfortunately, because the device has reached the end of its life, we can’t guarantee that it will be compatible with IDOE testing software and other curriculum that is regularly used by the district. However, the device can still be used for classwork outside of school as well as personal use.


How long will this device be good for?


We estimate the Chromebooks to have approximately 2 or 3 functional years left on it depending on the condition of the device and how it’s being utilized.


Can I install apps on this Chromebook?


Absolutely. In addition to browsing the web, there are over ten thousand apps and extensions available through the Chrome Webs store. N22 Chromebooks (8th Grade) are also compatible with the Google Play (Android) store, which will be available once the device has been Powerwashed after the last day of school.  STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS TO POWERWASH A CHROMEBOOK