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Kindergarten Enrollment

Thank you for choosing DeKalb Central Schools!  We are glad you are here!
New to DeKalb Central Schools 
Enter your address here to know your elementary school of preference for the next step.
Step 1: Complete Kindergarten Enrollment.  
Step 2: You will receive an email on June 1st to set up your PowerSchool Parent Viewer. Create a PowerSchool Parent Viewer Account - Directions (You will receive an email with login information.)
Step 3:  Log in to PowerSchool Parent Viewer Account and complete the required registration forms - Directions
Current DeKalb Central Preschool Students 
Step 1. Save Your Seat now before schedules are set by completing this 3 question form.
Step 2. Online registration forms are available from June 1st through July 22.
  • Log in to PowerSchool/Parent Viewer and update the required registration forms as necessary - Directions  
Transfer Requests
Transfer requests are made here.

This applies to the following students: 
  • Students wanting to transfer into the DeKalb Central school district or
  • DeKalb Central, Elementary students wanting an intra-district transfer to attend a different elementary.

This is a yearly requirement for all transfer students.   Prior accepted transfer requests will need to be renewed at the beginning of each school year. 
The office staff is available during normal school hours if you need in-person assistance.